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Taylor 814CE

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We are very excited to get in the new Taylor 814CE. The 800 series give you a spruce top with a rosewood back and sides. Spruce gives you a nice sparkly top end, it’s a loud guitar and the rosewood back and sides gives you a tight low end; so a tight bass. Spruce on rosewood also scoops out the mid-range a little bit which makes it a great singer song writer guitar, because your voice is a mid-range instrument. 

Our 814CE is actually one of the best selling Taylor Guitars of all time because of its versatility. The 800 series gives you spruce on rosewood, it also gives you flame maple binding and a really versatile sounding guitar. The 14 in that 814CE means it is a grand auditorium body shape. We call this our Swiss army knife, the body shape, because of its versatility. I keep saying that word because that’s the personality of this guitar, the lower bout is about the same size of the dreadnought and a dreadnought has nice big full loud speaking voice. So if you are playing in a un-miked or an unamplified situation digging into an 814CE is going to give you plenty of volume. 

The Grand Auditorium body shape, we have deviated from the dreadnought by pinching in the waist a little bit and when you pinch in the waist of an acoustic it allows you to wrap up around it and it is something you will learn about playing guitars that the more comfortable guitars are to play the more likely you are to grab it, okay? It’s not just a tactile response though, sonically what that pinched in waist does is it bounces off the frequency spectrum so you get a loud natural speaking voice from that bigger lower bout but with a pinched in waist it gives you equal amounts of bass, mids andtreble, which is again why we call this our most versatile body shape. 

Grand Auditorium is the Swiss army knife of body shapes because it doesn't matter if you are a loud strummer or a soft finger style player; it is the right guitar for you. It is the sound of the modern acoustic guitar. The 814 is the best selling Taylor for a reason because it looks great and it sounds great. Again, 814CE, I told you the 8, the spruce on rosewood, 14 is a Grand Auditorium body shape and CE means it has a cut away with electronics; electronics that I could plug into an amplifier or PA and play live. The cut away allows for upper front access and it gives the guitar a more of a modern look to it. 

This is the 814CE from Taylor guitars and if you would like to know more or would like to enquire about our pricing, please contact us today on: 

Call us: 0755962588

Store Address: 1/22 New Street, Nerang QLD 4211 Australia 


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