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Taylor 300 Series Guitars

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We here at Music Now are very excited to tell you about the Taylor 300 series guitars. I happen to be holding a Taylor 312CE in my hand now in store, and the twelve means it has a concert body size but a 300 series tells you that some of the things are standard across the entire series. A 300 series has a Sitka spruce top but it also has a solid sapele back and sides. Sapele, some of you may be unfamiliar with that, it is a sister wood to mahogany, so it has all the sound of mahogany and it is more readily available, alright? So we can bring it in at a better price for you. 

Mahogany has a nice warm mid-range it is even-keeled and it has a little bit of a natural warm compression to it. So you can dig in really hard and it won’t be bright or strident, right? The Sitka spruce top however, has a ton of top-end clarity and actually does have a high volume ceiling. So what you get with this wood combination in the 300 series is you get something that has a ton of top-end clarity but it also has a nice warm blossoming fullness to it. Okay?

The 300 series also has 4mm pearloid dots and this year in the 300 series we are offering in a grand symphony body shape. So that’s a 316 or a 356 for the twelve string option, that’s new for 2012. In the 300 series you can also get it with a cutaway and electronics, so this particular guitar is a 312CE cutaway, which allows upper front access for playing up here, also gives the guitar more of a progressive contemporary look and electronics is our expression system and the 300 series is the first series that we offer our full expression system experience in and that’s an under neck pickup as well as a body center that’s mounted right here; it is mounted on the underside of the soundboard. So what you get with that expression system in the 300 series is you get the sound of this guitar, the same plug in as it is whenever it is unplugged. 

So let’s say you fall in love with the 300 series, let say a 312, 314, something like that, you love the sound of sapele with spruce, you love that sound. When you plug it in you want that sound to be delivered to the speakers as well. You don’t want it you sound like a totally different guitar. So our expression system is meant to do that; to recreate the sound of the unplugged guitar at a louder level, right? That’s the 300 series, all the options. It comes in 14, which is the Grand Auditorium; it comes in a 12, which is the grand concert; a 10, which is the dreadnought and now it comes in a 16, which is the grand symphony. 

Taylor 312CE So if you have any questions about the 300 series in general or any other Taylor guitar questions, please feel free to contact your Music Now Taylor specialist about any of your questions.

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